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Sunday 01 Mar 2015
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Benham International came into existence in 1993 and has grown into the largest regional Bakery, Kitchen & Laundry supplier in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. Our headquarters, made up of a modern showroom, factory and workshop is in Nairobi, on the main Mombasa road, on the way to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Our networks consists of showrooms and offices in Arusha, Dar es salaam, Kampala, Zanzibar. We represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality equipment from South Africa, Europe, USA and the Far East.We pride ourselves in supplying quality equipment, know how, fully backed up by a strong and dedicated services department and a professional marketing team with full support of our suppliers.

At Benham we are committed to: Providing quality goods and services best suited to our clients Maintaining good business relations with our suppliers Developing & implementing strategies that will ensure the growth and sustainability of the company, whilst maintaining our goals and satisfying the market. Maintaining a conducive working environment for personnel, ensuring all environmental, health & Safety standards are maintained.

“We strive to uphold cordial relations with all our clients, and thus ensure we sustain constant communication with them, even years after we supply and install equipment.

show‘’To be fully integrated into the Hospitality industry as the Premier Kitchen & Laundry Suppliers in the East African Region, by providing quality products and services to consumers through proper marketing, technology, networking and ensuring customer satisfaction; all at an affordable cost.’’

As a company we  are committed to working safely, Doing what is right, Instilling trust and confidence.we believe in

  • Team Work
  • Quality Service
  • Reliability


Cheap is Expensive

With the knowledge of the existing open market you are cautioned to be careful not to go for cheap equipment in the market today be wise and choose right.

Professional Design

Benham International has most experienced designers based in South Africa and Europe for professional design

Quality Supplier

Our suppliers are chosen with care and only reputable manufacturers who are well tried and tested are our partners.


showBenham Installs bakeries, Kitchens Laundries to professional standards and ensure safety standards are maintained 

After sale service

showOur Team consists of highly trained staff who handle the clientele and the equipment with utmost care.